Machined Haze

Engineering Clouds

Take a look at the products and awesomeness we are currently developing. If you want to get your hands of one of these parts we promise you that they are coming soon. Check back with our website or follow us on Twitter and Instagram for updates.


The Prototype

Since you last saw it, the Prototype has gone through a redesign. We have streamlined the look and functionality of our revolutionary downstem to bring you the best product we can before our store launch.

We used science to design a better downstem. And now the future of smoking is on its way to you.

Adding this fully modular part to your current setup will allow you to make your water pipe everything it was meant to be.

We machined a ton of tiny holes into our titanium diffuser ('ton' used metaphorically of course, we actually mean over 50) . More holes means more bubbles. More bubbles means better heat transfer, a higher flow rate and lower pressure differential.  That's all super awesome.

The best feature about this downstem is the material it is machined from. Titanium, a metal resistant to heat and corrosion. This downstem will likely outlast anything you pair it with.

We did the science and the math so that you can enjoy the coolest, smoothest hits that your equipment was intended to deliver.

The Alpha

Our uniquely designed bowl piece will fully complement the Prototype.

The Alpha utilizes a special alloy of titanium to maximize heat transfer, it is the first bowl piece to employ passively air cooled fins and features a screen machined into the piece itself, creating a truly unique yet still fully modular part for any setup.

With these innovations we are able to quickly dissipate the heat generated at a rate that far exceeds that of glass. This bowl piece also has a structure machined into it that acts like a screen, meaning less total parts, easier clean up and a better experience all around.